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PostSubject: Fam appm   Fam appm I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 28, 2010 12:34 pm

The Belpasso Family

The Belpasso Family Story

Everything started in Romania, during the rough times of communism. A small family rose, and tried to make it's way through the harsh times of the communist regime. After the revolution, we were forced to leave the country. So, I took my men and went to Vice City. We worked for a rich guy who was the boss of bosses in that city. We stayed under his rule for a long time. We had everything, but the boss started to get very greedy. He wanted to take everything for himself. We made a crew and managed to take him down, after many years, and the family became very powerful. It grew bigger and bigger. The Russians we're very mad because we were stealing all the money from Vice City, so they started a war. After some time, the Russians got what they deserved. Ben Kowalsky was put to silence, ended up sleeping with the fishes. The only enemy which was left was the FBI, which after a series of investigations made us leave Vice City.

We arrived in Los Santos, and here everything was new for us. We continued our lives as a small family in the town of Dillimore, helping other families while gaining respect. I met an old friend from Vice City there, El Paco. I trusted the guy with my life. He has become the underboss of the family and helped me rise up the family. In short time we bacame BIG, the family was not placed in Dillimore anymore. We owned a nice villa on the VINEWOOD hill. (Madd Dogg's Mansion).

After some time, The Council was formed, and we were the toughest guys in the city. Every jucy business was owned by one of the 5 families: The Belpasso Family, The Corleone Family, Tavariska Bratva, Yakuza and the Black Hand Triads. Things got out of the hand, because one of the families broke some of the rules we all agreed to obey, at the Sit Down. The Council was disbanded and the families became weaker and weaker.

El Paco too, was one of the reasons we had to go into hiding. He wanted the family for himself, so he betrayed me and my men, trying to assassinate me. He didn't had the chance, because we had more loyal friends than he thought we had... Because he couldn't touch any guys in the Belpasso Family and realising what he just did, he got scared for his life and he ran to the feds, leaking information about the family business. We started to feel the pressure and had to leave the country again, because they were building a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) case on our head. Many "friends of ours" had to go away for a long time. Even my good friend Dimitri_Belov ,the leader of the Tavariska Bratva had to leave the city. But with help from my uncle, Junior Carmine, we managed to whack El Paco right before he was going to testify against us. Even if the biggest threat was gone we still had to go into hiding, until the problems disappeared for good.

Now we came back, when we arrived at the airport, everything was changed, the city was run by gangs and everything was a mess... So we decided to rebuild the Belpasso Family, so we can make some nice money, and carry the respect of the family further. It wasn’t easy at first but with the help of some of the best “made men” and also some local “fans”... we managed to gain some control of the situation... Things started to go smooth for us until the good friends with the black cars started pressing us again... At first we tried bribing them with a nice cut from our own soup... But we all know those bastards... We didn’t even had the time to negotiate a price with them and we all found ourselves sleeping in orange uniforms... Lucky for us we had a guy who worked as a lawyer for us and the boy did a good job by letting us out of that prison... After we settled for a while we started hunting the scumbag who put us into jail. We found him in a some bordello with some nice ladies... A pity they had to watch such a mess... Anyway, after clearing the problems with the feds we went back to our usual business... We even got a man high up in the FBI who ensures that everything runs smooth for the boys in the streets...

Now, our only plan is to stick to the rules and stick to the streets and find the men who respect us... We need some if we want to make ourselves heard in the city... Also, me and the boys are thinking of reuniting The good ol’ Council... The bastards who left us will sure pay for what they did... But that is for the future... In the meantime, I’m gonna watch that everyone does his job and watches his back. I also need some wiseguy who works in a bank or something to help grease the big fishes of the FBI. My plans for a vacation back in Eastern Europe are very far...

The family needs a leader and needs to get some respect. WE put Belpasso on the map, WE helped made The Council, WE stood tall while everything went to shit... and WE are going to make a name, for that I am Sonny Belpasso and the word “failure” is not in my vocabulary... For I know that the family of the honourable is equal with the family of blood...

After I’m done cleaning Los Santos of every scum not worthy of the word man, I’m gonna set my sights on those who betrayed me in the past, for in Los Santos, nothing goes unpunished and in Belpasso for every man we lose, we hit ten of theirs... for every business we do, we get ten times more... As we used to say back in Romania, “May I protect myself from the friends ‘cause the enemies... those I can handle...”

Unique rank list:
Rank 6: The Boss
Rank 5: Underboss
Rank 4: Capo
Rank 3: Soldier
Rank 2: Associate
Rank 1: Enforcer

Starting members (minimum of 5):
1.) Sonny_Devlin
2.) Denise_Garcia
3.) Junior_Carmine
4.) Andy_Walker
5.) Chris_Toretto
6.) Donato_Gallo
7.) Luca_LisBrata
8.) Peter_Shamway
9.) Geo_Roberts
10) Igor_Podolski
11) Vince_Walker

Family member skins:



Headquarters interior:

[Interior id : 3][Coordinates : -2640.762939,1406.682006,906.460937]

The place for cars spawn:

Desired Vehicles:
3 x Black Sentinel - ID 405

2 x Black Huntley - ID 579

Additional info:
Name of Family: The Belpasso Family

Gang Leader: Sonny Devlin

Level of the leader: 6 (We justy got back, and will go up fast.)

Do you have at least $500,000 in your bank:Yes

Past gang/family experience: The Belpasso family is very old on the SARP server. People who played in the past should know us.

Why you should be given a gang: We are good roleplayers and we still stick with each other. Some of the people who are in the starting members list, were members of the family before. We are all friends and should be a group. More of us will come in a short time.

Have you fully read the rules and regulations of gangs?: Of course.

This is a picture from the old times...

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Fam appm
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